Former Square Enix President Yoichi Wada Is No Longer Part Of The Company



After former CEO and president of Square Enix Yoichi Wada stepped down from his position, he’s been working at Shinra Technologies, an autonomous subsidiary Square Enix established to focus on cloud technology. He recently wrote on Facebook about the end of his contract with Square Enix, while looking back at his work with the company.


June 16, 2015 marked the date of Yoichi Wada’s final day in his contract with Square Enix. He wrote on Facebook that it’s been two years since his resignation as Square Enix CEO in June of 2013.


Wada mentions that at the time of the resignation, Square already had a running MMORPG, several  HD rearrangements at the time, some unfinished F2Ps (for smartphone and browser), overseas expansions focused on Asia, and Cloud. These were among the many growth segments he helped explore during his tenure.


After looking back at the results of his work work, Wada says that he can now feel a sense of accomplishment from the responsibilities as a longtime business manager for Square Enix, and thanks fans from all the support.


“Starting today, I will work as the President of Shinra Technologies, and as an outside director of Metaps [an application analysis and marketing company].”


“Oh, and it’s okay if you’ve gotten used to calling me ‘Wada of Square Enix’. It’s become a household name, after all. Kind of like “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind”. …Okay, maybe not,” Wada jokes.


If you’re wondering what exactly Shinra Technologies is, no, it’s not a giant power company that’s sucking the life out of the planet, but a cloud gaming company that is now led by Yoichi Wada. Siliconera recently spoke with the former Square Enix CEO, who told us about what they’ve been up to lately.

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