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Forspoken Gameplay Trailer Shows Magical Parkour Action


Square Enix has uploaded a ten minute trailer for Forspoken, showing the various skills Frey can use and enemies that she can encounter in Athia. There is also a brief explanation of the story for those unfamiliar. Forspoken follows the story of Frey, a normal New Yorker who one day appears in Athia.

The trailer introduces Cipal, which will be the main hub of Athia. It is the final sanctuary for the citizens of Cipal, and where Frey will be able to purchase or trade items. The trailer shows Frey trading Odvaha Ore with the blacksmith, Johedy. Johedy then sends Frey to Praenost in order to get supplies.

Outside of Cipal, enemies roam Athia. Literally everything is an enemy due to the effects of the Break. The trailer not only shows off spells that Frey can use, but also the way she can parkour across the map. Unlocking new spells requires mana. Reaching and scanning Belfries will reveal nearby points of interest on the map. The trailer shows off the way that Frey uses her magic and acrobatics to move around the map and stylishly defeat enemies.

You can watch the full Forspoken trailer here:

Forspoken will come out on the PS5 and Windows PC on January 24, 2023. This is its new release date after Square Enix and Luminous Productions announced a delay in July 2022.

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