Forward to the Sky Is A “Relaxing” Action Adventure Game About A Princess



Taiwanese game studio Magichnology has released the first trailer for its bright and friendly third-person action-adventure Forward to the Sky.


It has you play as Princess as she ascends the Sky Tower and collects the crystals to reveal why the tower has returned to its place in the clouds long after it disappeared during the disaster.


You’ll encounter a mix of challenges as you play through Forward to the Sky, including puzzle platforming, running through traps, and swinging her sword through hordes or critters.


Magichnology says that it has designed Forward to the Sky so that players of any skill will be able to complete it, but there is additional difficulty available for more hardcore players to take on if they wish.


“Relaxing mood, bright art, adventurous but peaceful music, simple control and combat,” the studio says of its game.


Forward to the Sky will be coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux in early 2015. You can vote for it on Steam Greenlight and find out more about it on its website.

Chris Priestman