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Four Players Clean Up A Prehistoric World In 4-Player Brawler Caveman Warriors



In Caveman Warriors, up to four players can team up, each with their own unique cave person combatant, to take down the aliens that have come to kidnap babies in this prehistoric land.




Caveman Warriors has four different fighters to choose to use when brawling with alien and dinosaur threats. Jack can hurl an axe at foes, or use a charging attack that will clean out anything standing in front of him. Liliana can lash out with a spear, but also hurl it into walls to create impromptu platforms. Moe can use his rammers to hit enemies, or make music on his drums that will force them to dance. Brienne hits hardest of them all, striking with enough force to launch enemies away, and can also shield her allies.


Players can choose from any one of these characters (although the game won’t allow duplicates), tackling its challenges in local co-op with up to four players. As they fight, players can find hidden routes and secrets throughout each stage, as well as try out stages with different mechanics besides brawling. 




Caveman Warriors is projected to release in second quarter of this year, and is currently raising votes on Greenlight and funding on Kickstarter. A demo is also available for players to try through the game’s Kickstarter page.

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