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Your Four Princess Knights Training Story Details Its Story And Four Princesses



Nippon Ichi Software recently revealed a new action RPG called Your Four Princess Knights Training Story for PS4, PS Vita, and Switch. Here’s a look at new screenshots with info on its story and princesses.



The story is set in a world with sword, magic, and “relics” from an ancient civilization. You take on the role of the “Instructor Knight,” an expert in teaching the ways of combat and training, and have been requested to visit the “Relic Islands” of four countries.


You’ll be instructing four princesses all belonging to a different power: the agricultural verdant country “Alixarn Kingdom,” the “Rusty Magic Guild” that desires knowledge and lacks ethics, the “Noble Merchant Alliance” known for its vigorous use of Relics, and the “North Kamara Clan Federation” that is home to many demi-humans.


How will you teach and guide?

Which princess’ battle will you look over?

What awaits at the end?

Everything depends on your choice.


The story  of “you” and the “four princess knights” is about to begin.


Here are some details on the four princesses:


Liliati (CV: Ayane Sakura)


A princess with the position of Knight Commander of the Alixarn Kingdom. She doesn’t fare well with complicated thoughts, but she has a bright and cheerful personality, and is loved by her fellow knights and people.



She invites the protagonist known as the “Dragon Slayer” to come enjoy a legendary dish known as “Dragon Steak” that comes straight from the dragon they killed after it was threatening the kingdom.


Veronica (CV: Hiromi Igarashi)


A young genius witch belonging to the greatest magic guild of all the islands. She thinks rationally, and shows an arrogant attitude towards just about anyone, but is a charismatic figure to those who greatly value the talent of mages.



She abducts the protagonist, who has deep knowledge in Relics, as she feels that using magic from the ancient civilization is the best way to take over the world.


Monomaria (CV: Rarisa Tago Takeda):


A princess of Yudaria, a fallen noble family that belonged to an aristocratic merchant alliance. She may be going through difficult times with poverty, but she still has many retainers who look up to her, with whom she grouped up to form a hired mercenaries business to make a living.



She believes that her growth is essential for the revival of the Yudaria family, and requested to be taught by the protagonist who is famous for his teachings.


Alpana (CV: Yuuki Kuwahara)

009 A princess who founded the “Great Kamara Teachings,” a longtime faith of the North Kamara Tribe. She’s a philanthropist who aims to unify all families, and is admired by many believers.



In order to further spread the salvation from the Kamara Teachings, she seeks help from the protagonist who is well-versed in the languages and culture of all regions.



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Gameplay detail including conversing with the princesses, battles, the “Praise & Scold” system, and more details are expected to be shared on November 9.



Nippon Ichi is also preparing a first-print bonus for the game that comes with a soundtrack disc with an original booklet and wallpapers for your PC and smartphone.






Your Four Princess Knights Training Story releases in Japan on January 25, 2018 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch.

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