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Your Four Princess Knights Training Story Introduces Sub-Characters Magnica And Criptarena, And Commander Mode


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Your Four Princess Knights Training Story recently sent out new information regarding sub-characters Magnica and Criptarena, as well as Commander Mode and Fighter mode actions. [Thanks, 4Gamer]


Magnica (CV: Rei Matsuzaki)

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An admin in the Magic Guild. She recognizes Veronica’s magic strength but also opposes her using it, so she creates an anti-Veronica faction.


Criptarena (CV: Rika Morinaga)

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An influential noble from the Noble Merchants Alliance. She was originally very close to the Yudaria family. Monomaria’s story will show her fixation with the young princess.



Each of the four heroines have their own individual stories, and the player gets to have a ‘trial period’ with all of them first. After choosing who to tutorial, the game starts the first half of that princess’ story. All princess’ stories need to completed to move to the second half of the game.


In the second half, you choose one character in particular to tutor, starting off the second half of the game. There are also multiple endings depending on the princess’ trust in you, her mentor. Finally, there are second playthrough bonuses.


Commander Mode:

In Commander Mode, players can order soldier units to do specific things such as attacking together or charging forward.


Coordinated attack:

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The troops attack together after pressing the button. There is a cooldown between attacks so players should be careful.


Commander attack:

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A charging attack that does damage at the press of a button. It does more damage with a larger amount of enemies on screen.


Fighter Mode:

In Fighter Mode, the commander can take individual actions away from the troops. The Fighter can use special, strong ‘Extra Attacks’ (a limited number of times) exclusively. Fighter Mode characters can use Commander Attacks that make nearby troops perform attacks.


Extra attacks:

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Extra attacks are strong attacks that depend on the weapon used. They are limited in the amount of uses, so use them strategically.


Commander attack:

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Troops near the commander attack with varying motions and distances depending on troop type.



strategy 4 strategy 5

Varying formations usable after conquering a certain percentage of a map.


Your Four Princess Knights Training Story releases in Japan on March 8, 2018 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch.

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