Four Ridiculous Shmups Get Remastered For Steam


Mommy’s Best Games has remastered four of its shooters that were originally available on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel and released them on Steam.


The four games are being sold in a bundle called “Mommy’s Best Action Games” at $7.99. Or you can purchase them separately if you prefer. Here’s a list of titles, prices, and links to the Steam pages:


  • Weapon of Choice (Contra-style, trippy weapons and freaky monsters) – $4.99
  • Shoot 1UP (shooter with multiple ships, more accessible than regular bullet-hell shooters) – $2.99
  • Explosionade (grenade mechs and squishy aliens)  – $2.99
  • Game Type (high-score looping shooter, fighting ads and cats)  – $2.99


Mommy’s Best Games is probably best known for Serious Sam: Double D. It’s a 2D action-platformer based on the Serious Sam series that manages to capture all of the over-the-top absurdity of that series, and actually exceeds it. These four shmups are, for the most part, of a similar vein to Double D. Shoot 1UP, for example, has you accumulating an armada of ships with the motto “Why play shoot ’em ups one ship at a time?”


As well as remastering these games, Mommy’s Best Games has added some features to them, such as a turn-based mode for Shoot 1UP and an achievement in Weapon of Choice that has you trying to find Mommy’s Best Game pies hidden throughout the levels.

Chris Priestman