Francis York Morgan’s Pro Fishing Pays Tribute To The Deadly Premonition Mini-Game


As of June 1st 2015, Francis York Morgan’s Pro Fishing is a real game that exists. Yes, it’s a tribute to the fishing mini-game in Deadly Premonition. You can play it for free in your browser.


In it, you play as Francis York Morgan at the end of a pier with a rod and worms, pressing Z or 1 to cast his line into the water before him. As he reels it in, you should hopefully get a bite, at which point a roulette scrolls across the screen. As with the original fishing mini-game, you then press Z or 1 again to stop the roulette and see what you catch.


No matter what you do catch all you will get out of it is an increase in your score. “I mean, technically you could try to go for a high score, but you probably won’t want to,” writes the game’s creator. Probably the most charming aspect of this tribute is the chiptune rendition of “Life Is Beautiful” from the Deadly Premonition soundtrack.

Chris Priestman