The Weaponographist Forces You To Constantly Cycle Guns


Doug McGrave, the burly hero of The Weaponographist, is cursed. He refused to save a single demon-infested town and, as both a punishment and as a way to force him to save her town, a witch caused his impressive powers to constantly drain.


This is why, when playing The Weaponographist, you’ve got to keep moving, shooting, and slaying demons. If you don’t, McGrave’s strength will dissipate entirely. On top of this, any weapon that McGrave picks up falls apart in his hands seconds later, meaning he’ll have to quickly find another one. So you’re forced to continuously slay demons to build up your combo meter while cycling through weapons no matter how useless or unwieldy they may be.



The game itself plays from a top-down perspective in a closed arena. Entering the arena is a range of monsters, including unicorns, robots, dark elves, and many more. The weapons are similarly diverse and silly, including swords, chainsaws, machine guns, and explosive pogo sticks. You won’t have much time to question the game’s bizarre logic, though, as you’ll be too busy trying to keep up with the fast pace that demands.


And you’ll be able to find out exactly how The Weaponographist plays as a demo will be out for Steam on April 20th. The game itself will be out on April 29th.

Chris Priestman