Frantic, Hero-Killing Sidescroller Bleed Brings Slo-Mo Shooter Action To Consoles

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Wryn aims to be the greatest video game hero ever, but that means getting all of her competition out of the way in Bleed, a fast-paced, acrobatic platformer that’s coming to PS4 and Xbox One.


Previously released on Xbox Live Indie Games and Steam, Bleed puts players in control of the unassuming-looking Wryn, using her various abilities to get through seven stages packed with vicious foes and wild chases. Wryn is able to shoot in any direction using the control stick, firing a variety of rapid-fire pistols, shotguns, and rockets. Players only need to guide her shots, though, as aiming also makes her open fire in that direction.

Players will find themselves battling on runaway trains, while hurtling through the air, or while dealing with attacks from massive machines, going through a constant array of setpiece battles designed to test their combat skills. Players have more tools than just their guns to deal with these challenging situations, as they also have a sword they can swing that deflects shots, the ability to slow time, and a rocket pack that adds a great deal of maneuverability.


Players who don’t feel challenged by the game’s seven stages of nonstop gunfire can select various difficulty levels to make it harder, as well as create their own custom challenge matches by choosing up to three of the game’s bosses to fight all at the same time. Players who do find they’re losing quite a bit can bring in a co-op ally to take off some of the pressure as well.

Bleed will be available on PS4 on August 22, and Xbox One on August 24.

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