Freaks Tales Tells Frightening, Unsettling, Upsetting Modern Fairy Tales

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Freaks Tales puts players in a town filled with various miserable storytellers and downtrodden people, letting them choose to hear their upsetting, horrifying, or tragic tales should they wish to.


Freaks Tales offers a large, pencil-scratch city for players to wander through, allowing them to go different places in a bleak town and talk to the people there. Players may learn more about this dying town through the stories each of its narrators tell, finding out more of why this town is filled with so much misery.

Players will find themselves wallowing in the darkness as they prod people for their stories, which form modern fairy tales that dwell in depression and sadness. The game’s developer promises “There are no happy endings.”, and that there are few morals to each of the stories of pain the characters are undergoing. Not only that, but some storytellers will be difficult to comprehend, forcing the player to push them with questions or do research around town to figure out what horrible thing they’re trying to convey.


Freaks Tales intends for players to learn about suffering without any conclusion or hope for help. They can only choose to talk more to each person and learn more about their sadness, changing courses of events based on decisions they make, but being unable to change the course of this darkness.

Freaks Tales’ developers have taken to IndieGoGo for funding on this upsetting series of stories, and are also raising Greenlight votes for an eventual Steam release.

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