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Free Blade Strangers Update Will Bring New 1001 Spikes And Umihara Kawase Fighters To The Fray


blade strangers aban and piaa


The cast of Blade Strangers is about to grow. Initially, the fighting game from Studio Saizensen and Nicalis only had 14 characters. However, in honor of its one year anniversary, three more characters will join the cast. Pikii, the Japanese publisher, has shared a screenshot alongside an announcement revealing the next three fighters. (Thanks, Japanese Nintendo!)


Of the three new cast members, two should be familiar. One is Aban Hawkins from 1001 Spikes. He is the son of Jim and brother of Tina. A younger version of Umihara Kawase will be available as a fighter. Finally, there is Piaa from Doki Doki Poyatchio.


Doki Doki Poyatchio was a PlayStation game that never left Japan and had character designs from Toshinobu Kondo. An evil empire hit and attacked a town, causing Raidou to return to help his cousin manage a bakery. The daily task involves making deliveries for her and buying ingredients. Once you complete Raidou’s job, he can engage in village life. Piaa is one of the bachelorettes Raidou was able to date in the game.


An exact date for the Blade Strangers update has yet to be revealed. However, the game did launch in North America and Europe on August 28, 2019 and in Japan on August 30, 2019, so it could arrive this week.


Blade Strangers is available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC worldwide.

Jenni Lada
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