Free Chapters Made Available in Celebration of Anticipated Thousandth One Piece Chapter

One Piece Chapter

A recent tweet posted to the official Shonen Jump twitter account has confirmed a new promotion to celebrate the upcoming release of a new One Piece manga chapter. The company will be giving away free chapters every week, with a new batch available every seven days.

The long-running One Piece series is approaching a milestone as the series crosses the threshold into 1,000 chapters. This week’s free chapters, 72-81, are from the manga’s ninth volume, titled East Blue. The East Blue arc includes the straw hat-wearing protagonist, Luffy, acquiring a ship and adding the characters Zolo, Nami, Usopp, and Sanji to his crew, The Straw Hats.

Readers can find the new chapters on either the Manga Plus or Viz Media websites. The Viz Media site also offers some newer chapters for free at the top of a long list.

Viewers of the dubbed version of the One Piece anime also gained an opportunity to catch up with the series last month when Funimation released dubs for episodes 615 through 628, from the Season 10 Voyage 4. Additionally, a live-action Netflix adaptation of the series is in the works.

When Wednesday rolls around, a new batch of free One Piece chapters will release and can be viewed in an internet browser. If you’re already waiting for the new chapters, you can kill some time engaging in one of fan’s time-honored pastimes: engaging in the debate over whether or not “Zoro” should be translated as “Zolo.”

Benjamin Maltbie
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