Free Hololive Vtuber Fangame Holocure First Build Released

Free Hololive Vtuber Fangame HoloCure’s First Build Released

Windows PC owners can now play a new Hololive Vtuber fangame called HoloCure. Kay Yu released the first build of the free game on June 23, 2022. It is an action title in which members of Hololive En fight to save their fans. People can get it off of

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As this is an early build, not everything is implemented yet. At the moment, people can use Hololive Myth members Amelia, Gura, Ina’nis, Kiara, and Calliope, Hololive Hope member Irys, and Hololive Council members Kronii, Mumei, Sana, Fauna, and Baelz as they attempt to save their fans by fighting monsters. Each character has their own movesets and weapons. There is also a leaderboard feature, though it is temporarily turned off. This is due to the number of people playing and resulting scores data load.

Here’s an initial trailer for HoloCure. In addition to Kay Yu’s efforts, both DuDul and Smpletan worked on its art.

In addition, composer Eufrik recently shared some of the soundtrack.

Since its release, some of the Hololive En Vtubers appearing in the fangame played it on stream. For example, Kronii wil be playing it on June 27, 2022. Also, Mumei already played it. Here’s a video showing her time with it.

HoloCure is available for free for Windows PCs.

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