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Free Slime-San DLC Adds Aquatic Adventures To The Twitchy, Challenging Platformer


    Slime-san: Blackbird’s Kraken, free DLC for twitchy, challenging, and goopy platformer Slime-san, takes players under the sea for more difficult jumps, this time adding aquatic effects and the difficulties that come from being in a giant sea creature’s belly.


    Blackbird believes that Slime-san has stolen his treasure, and his his Kraken swallow the innocent slime up, dropping it deep into the beast’s guts. Cavernous insides, fleshy barriers, and the various fish it has eaten will all make Slime-san’s life difficult as it platforms its way through its organs, having to move quickly before a sea of stomach acid comes to wipe everything out in each area. Every section is on a strict time limit that allows for few screw-ups, so players will want to rush.

    This free DLC adds twenty five new stages, hundreds of collectible bananas players can grab to spend on clothing upgrades for their slime, new characters players can meet hanging around inside the Kraken’s guts, and a submarine for players to use in some segments. Players will also be able to try out new minigames, like an FPS where they repel an alien invasion.


    If players already own Slime-san, the DLC has already been added to the game through an automatic update. If not, it can be purchased as a separate game.

    Slime-san is also set to release on the Nintendo Switch sometime in the future.

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