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Freedom Wars Demonstrates How To Use The Grappling Thorn Whip



One of the main things that sets Freedom Wars apart from other hunting games, is its use of the Thorn Whip that provides players with mobile and offensive capabilities. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan shares a video showing what else it can do.


There are three types of Thorn Whips, and each one have their own two-stage charge moves. At 0:27, the video starts out with a look at the restraining-type Thorn Whip. This one’s first charge acts as a simple trap that can be placed on the floor that momentarily restrains enemies. The second charge can be aimed towards enemies and shot from a distance.


The defensive wall-type Thorn Whip has a first charge that increases the defense of all nearby allies. Its second charge creates a wall of thorns that prevents enemies from crossing by and also eats up their attacks.


Finally, the healing-type Thorn Whip can use its first charge to heal nearby allies and also remove status effects. The second charge creates a temporary area-of-effect healing spot, which will be useful during boss fights when your buddies might not always be in the same area.


Additionally, there are five different control schemes that can be selected out of Whip, dash, Shooter, Hunter, and Technical-types. For example, the Hunter-type is controlled by using the directional buttons.


Freedom Wars will be released on June 26, 2014 in Japan for PlayStation Vita and has been confirmed for release in North America at a later date.

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