PlayStation Vita

Freedom Wars Has Been In Development For Three Years


Freedom Wars is an upcoming cooperative multiplayer hunting PlayStation Vita title, which was announced last year. Key developers recently opened blogs for the game, where they plan on reaching out to fans. In producer Junichi Yoshizawa’s blog, he reveals that the game has been in the works for quite a while.


Here’s a little tidbit from his post, where he shares a “secret story” about Freedom Wars’ development:


The other day, the development period has passed three years.


If you go by months, that’d be 36 months.


If it were a child, it’d be three years old.


What a prolonged period of time for game development!


On March 6th, the Soul Sacrifice series will be getting its second release in Soul Sacrifice Delta.




Wait, what?!


While making Freedom Wars, there’ve been two Soul Sacrifice games?! (Well, by the 6th of March)


So there you have it, Freedom Wars is a game we’ve been taking plenty of time to create.


Freedom Wars will be released sometime in summer 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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