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Freedom Wars’ Giant Mechanical Dragons Can Kill Players With One Shot


Sony’s recently revealed Freedom Wars will be about participating in battles against giant mechanical enemies called Abductors. Your goal will be to save citizens and allies who’ve been captured by the Abductors, with the help of friends and customizable androids. The game’s official website has been updated with new info on the upcoming cooperative multiplayer game for the PlayStation Vita.


In Freedom Wars, your character will be one of the over 100,000,000 Criminals that live as prisoners in a safe haven, known as the Panopticon, where resources are running low and mankind struggles everyday to find a way to live a better tomorrow.


In this world, there’s an astronomical amount of cameras surveilling the actions all mankind. These men with goggles seem to have some sort of connection with the constant surveillance as authority figures, who are often avoided by the people. It has yet to be revealed what purpose they serve and why they’re constantly avoided.


The Abductors are the giant mechanical beasts in the form of dragons. It is said that there are various types of Abductors, and the Panopticon also have their artificially developed Abductors they use as weapons to fight against them. The Abductors possess a highly destructive force, and can even kill a player with a single blow.


You’ll be in charge of taking down the Abductors using different weapons such as Short Swords, Great Swords, Rifles, Gatling Guns and many more. These weapons can be used to cut and destroy parts off the Abductors, and will also feature their own special attacks with the use of the Thorn Whips. These Thorn Whips are special equipment used by the Criminals for mobility purposes. There are various Thorn Whips that can be upgraded over time with new abilities and strength.


As previously reported, you’ll have an android ally, known as “Accessories”, who’ll be helping you out in your fights. The accessories were created by the people of Panopticon, as a way to watch over the Criminals and will always follow to make sure they abide by the rules.


You’ll be free to customize various Accessories features including their looks, AI and speech. In addition, you’ll be able to trade your customized data with other players. They’ll also be participating in your fights against the Abductors; however, they can also be captured just like anyone else, so you’ll have to keep a close eye on them.



The multiplayer mode will be one of Freedom Wars’ biggest features. It will have cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes, boasting a max of 8 players that can play together at a time. The main theme is “Recapture”, where you and other players will be involved in various missions with objectives such as defeat the enemy, save the citizen or allies. There will also be objectives that will require you and your comrades to fully dismantle Abductors prior to defeating them.


Freedom Wars is currently in development and is slated to be released in 2014.

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