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Freedom Wars Introduces Its “Contribution Guys” Boy Band



Last year, we saw the “Propaganda Idols” take center stage with their hit propaganda title “Let’s Contribute ~Love’s Imprisonment is 1,000,000 Years~,” which was actually catchier than you’d expect. Sony recently uploaded the “Contribution Guys” version of the song.



Similar to the Propaganda Idols, the Contribution Guys sing about all the things you’re not allowed to do as a Sinner, and it’s a way to remind the citizens of the Panopticons about how terrible their lives are—but hey, it’s catchy!


The Propaganda Idols were originally created through a secret sampling of appearances and voices from the citizens of all Panopticons, as a way to make special high-grade Accessories.


However, since they didn’t want to make android-like clones without any personality, which is important for idols, they decided to give them just the right amount of emotion and personality to turn them into proper idols.


While we’re not exactly sure whether the Contribution Guys were made in the same fashion, they definitely seem to have a lot more going than my own Accessory that just stood around adding years to my sentence for just running more than 10 steps.


Here’s the original song by the Propaganda Idols:


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