Freedom Wars Players Discuss Feedback With The Developers

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SCE Studios producer Junichi Yoshizawa recently announced that Freedom Wars will be released sometime this summer during the “Emergency! Let’s have a developers conference!” event in Japan. Here’s a look at some of the demo feedback from players and staff members that was discussed during the event, courtesy of Dengeki Online.


After playing the demo of the game, the first topic covered was about the “controllability”. There was a lot of feedback regarding the cut-scene upon subjugating the Abductor.


According to the staff, the intent of this was to notify players of what was going on, but according to the demo players, the game continues on in real-time during the scene, which caused a few problems. In response to this, staff members stated that this is something they’ve also been wondering about, and will most likely make adjustments to make it shorter.


On a more positive note, the players praised the feel of the thorn-whip action and its ease of use. In fact, Yoshizawa was actually surprised by one of the pieces of feedback asking if they’d consider using the Vita’s back touch-panel as a way to control the whip.


Next, the topic shifted to game balance. More than half the players who tested out the demo felt that the game was a little too easy. The developers responded by saying that adjustments to the Abductors could be the key to changing that.


And finally, they talked about the game’s user interface at the end of the feedback session. Instead of using a mini-map, similar to other games in the genre, Freedom Wars has a small radar on the top-right part of the screen. Some players felt that it was quite difficult to know where you and your allies are from this radar, and that it made it difficult to know where you can and can’t go.


They felt that the radar and the entire map could use a little bit more information, to help make things easier for the player. In response, the development team said that they’re currently working on improvements.


Freedom Wars is expected to be released summer 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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