Freedom Wars Shows All Kinds Of Different Looks For Your Android Partner

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In Freedom Wars, you’ll be playing alongside others to take down giant Abductor enemies to mitigate your million year prison sentence. You’ll also have android partners called Accessories that can be fully customized from voice to looks. 4Gamer shares a look at some of the customized Accessories.


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The top two images shows a look at the default protagonist and his Accessory that you may have seen in trailers for the game. The bottom ones shows a look at the protagonist and Accessory that has been customized, looking completely different.



He’s a look at how you’ll be customizing your Accessory. You’ll be able to pick male and female, and various customize patterns. The two in the above image have their default uniforms, but you’ll be able to change their colors or give them other outfits.


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As far as facial appearances go, it’ll range from being able to make sexy young ladies to handsome older men.There will be other costumes that can be used to cover your character and Accessory’s faces to give them more of a mysterious vibe.


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In addition to the default uniforms we’ve seen thus far from Freedom Wars, there will be plenty of casual outfits like some of the ones seen in the above images.



Once you’re done with the looks of your Accessory, you’ll be able to customize his or her voice, by adjusting accent, voice pitch, speed, and more. You’ll also be able to pick what kind of things they say, when and where they should say it, and other options.




You can also read more about the recently revealed heroine and antagonist of Freedom Wars in our earlier report.


Freedom Wars will be released this summer in Japan for PlayStation Vita.


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