FreezeME Is A Cute Platformer Designed To Resemble An N64 Game

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Spanish indie studio Rainy Night Creations hopes to bring its 3D platformer FreezeME to PC in the summer of 2015. Console versions could also happen at some point. It’s game that should appeal to anyone fond of N64 platformers as it’s made to resemble them.


It follows a young girl called “R” who is described as a “brown-eyed moppet” and comes armed with a camera that can freeze objects. As R, your mission is to rescue your friend M who has been kidnapped by Fat the Cat.


The only way to enter Fat the Cat’s lair, when M is being held captive, is to form a special key made out of an ancient material. Well, that’s what we’re told anyway, it’s really just yellow cubes that you collect around the levels.



FreezeME will have four worlds to explore in a non-linear fashion. They’re all densely decorated with bright colors, odd characters, and lively environments. As you traverse them you’ll gain new abilities (including switching gravity) and, eventually, ways to access other worlds after defeating bosses.


Check out FreezeME’s latest development update in the video above. Also consider voting for it on Steam Greenlight.

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