French Comic Book LASTMAN Gets A Fighting Game Spin-Off Called LASTFIGHT



The award-winning French comic book LASTMAN follows Adrian Velba as he enters a fighting tournament after years of training. It’s now being turned into a 3D fighting game called LASTFIGHT for PC and consoles that will be out in 2015.


At the moment, the game is only being teased, and all that’s known is that it will feature fighters from the comic book in small arenas, and that it’ll have an art style that reflects the game’s origins.


However, the studio developing LASTFIGHT has released a trailer that shows the game in action for the first time. You can watch it above. It seems that it will have some of the comic book’s goofiness, including throwing furniture at opponents, and special moves appropriate to each character.


Hopefully, more information about LASTFIGHT will turn up on its website soon. If not, keep an eye on its Facebook page.

Chris Priestman