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Friendly Fire May Strain Camaraderie With Nine Parchments Co-Op Spell Slinging



Nine Parchments will have up to four wizards firing off various spells as they cross the magical lands of the Trine universe, but players will have to take care not to take out their fellow spellcasters due to friendly fire, adding an extra layer of challenge.


Apprentice wizards have decided that they wish to gain power the easy way, aiming to get the legendary Nine Parchments to increase their magical ability. Given that these magics would be dangerous in the hands of a trained mage, there is the potential for some real danger when untrained wizards get a hold of them, which is shown through the game’s friendly fire system, where careless players can hurt their co-op allies. They can also revive them, though, so they may not frustrate their online or local friends too much.

As players work through the game, they can increase their character’s abilities across their unique skill trees, find new spells to equip and try out, or unlock all-new characters from doing quests. They can also equip fashionable new hats and staves that they unlock as they play, which will help them look sharp while taking on the colorful enemies and large bosses across Nine Parchments’ vibrant worlds.


Nine Parchments is available now on Steam, GOG, Humble Store, and the Nintendo eShop. The PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game are due to release this month as well, with release dates imminent.

Alistair Wong
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