FrightShow Fighter Looks Like A Fighting Game By Tim Burton

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Due to a warlock’s spell gone awry, ten strange monstrosities find themselves whisked off to the FrightVerse, a land of hand-drawn nightmares where they must fight each other to escape in FrightShow Fighter.




Zombies, living ice cream, unsettling unicorns, and cyclops lumberjacks round out the game’s roster, with each of the characters rendered in a claymation Nightmare Before Christmas style. These monsters will all fight before hand-drawn stages that capture a frightening, dreamy look.


Each of the creatures in this fighting game have their own array of odd abilities, from shooting lasers out of their eyes to throwing small biting bears at their opponents. Players can also select from a pool of different power-ups regardless of who they choose, selecting three of them to give themselves temporary powers during a match.




These characters and abilities can be used on the various maps of the game’s story mode to gain your character’s ending after fighting all of the other characters, or also in the game’s online play. Online leaderboards are not implemented yet, though, but will be coming in a future update.


FrightShow Fighter is available now on Steam.

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