From Sending Delinquents Flying To “Motorboating” Girls, This Is Uppers

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Senran Kagura producer Kenichiro Takaki has been working on ideas for Uppers for a while now, and it’s finally been announced. Gamer shares the latest screenshots of what you’ll be doing in the upcoming PlayStation Vita game.


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Uppers is all about the beat ‘em up action, where you’ll fight on an island with no rules. The commands are simple, so you won’t need to worry about any complicated combos. Instead, you can beat enemies to your satisfaction, however you’d like.


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When it comes to beating up the bad guys, you won’t be limited to melee attacks, as you can basically do anything else from throwing them through walls, to throwing items at them to deal big damage. Apparently you can also blow them up with helicopters, too.


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The girls will be there to provide you with cheers, and the more they cheer you on, the more it’ll pump you up and provide you with benefits in battle. There are also some other extra bonuses you can get from the girls.


Here are two main guys that will show up to fight dudes and pick up chicks in Uppers:


Ranma Kamishiro:

Age: 17

Height: 180cm

Blood Type: B

Fight Style: Free Style

Finishing Move: Drop Kick

Music: Idol music

Hobby: Futsal

Favorite Food: Hamburger

Specialty: Smartphone games



a young man that has been spending his days in boredom. He doesn’t have any experience in martial arts, but has inherited his menacing fighting abilities and incredible strength from his parents. After tagging along with his childhood friend Mitsuru to the “Last Resort Island,” he finds out just how powerful he is, for the first time.


Michiru Sakurai:

Age: 17

Height: 176cm

Blood Type: O

Fight Style: Kick Boxing

Finishing Move: Jumping Knuckle

Music: J-Pop/R&B

Hobby: Futsal

Favorite Food: Beef Stew

Specialty: Lifting



A hot-blooded young man who decides to visit the Last Resort Island to test out his own abilities. Despite his looks, he’s actually a friendly guy who makes just as many friends as he makes enemies. He moves around his enemies with his sharp movements, and enjoys fighting with wits.


Uppers will release in Japan in spring 2016 for PlayStation Vita.

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