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Front Mission 1st Remake Announced for Switch

Front Mission Remake

Square Enix will release a remake of the Front Mission series, starting with Front Mission 1st. It also announced plans to remake the game’s sequel, Front Mission 2. The project is being made in collaboration with the studio Forever Entertainment SA. The first game will release in Summer 2022, with other titles coming at a later date.

Front Mission is a mecha strategy RPG originally released in 1995 for the Super Famicom. The last title in the series was Left Alive in 2019, which was released for the PS4 and Windows PC. The game lets players control mechs known as Panzers.

A short trailer debuted on the Nintendo Direct. It features a few gameplay segments of 3D tactical battles between Panzers. It also gives fans a glimpse at some of the combat as well as customization options for the mech suits.

You can check the trailer out below:

Front Mission 1st will release for the Nintendo Switch sometime in Summer 2022.

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