Frontwing’s Island Makes Its English Debut On August 24, 2018

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Frontwing has revealed a launch date for Island, its romantic visual novel. People will be able to pick it up for their PCs on August 24, 2018. It will launch with English and Japanese options when it appears on Steam.


In Island, players follow a young man named Setsuna Sanzenkai. He is an amnesiac who washed up on the shores of Urashima island in Japan. There, he meets three young women, Karen, Rinne, and Sara. However, Setsuna’s amnesia is not the only mystery here. A lot of odd things are happening. Supposedly children there are spirited away. There is also the soot blight syndrome disease to deal with, and why was an alleged marine research facility abandoned? As people play, they will be able to use the visual novel’s flowchart system to perhaps solve some of these mysteries and get closer to these three young women.


There is one important thing to note with the Steam release of Island. Frontwing stated in an update that the Chinese translation is still going through the debugging process. This means it will eventually be available in Chinese as well, but that language option will not be immediately available in the game at launch.


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Island originally appeared on the PC in Japan in 2016. PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita ports followed. In addition, it has been adapted into an anime by Feel, which people can watch on Crunchyroll.

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