Splatoon 3 Frosty Fest
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Frosty Fest Splatfest Event Announced for Splatoon 3

Nintendo revealed initial details on a special Frosty Fest Splatfest event for Splatoon 3. The announcement confirmed a winter-themed competition, new gear and festive looks for the cast.

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The Splatoon 3 Frosty Fest will feature both Splatsville and Inkpolis covered in Christmas and winter decorations during a new Splatfest event. The theme and date of the Splatfest have yet to be revealed. However, the previous Frosty Fest that took place in Splatoon 2 was based on the theme of family or friends, so the theme this time around could end up being similar.

New gear for Frosty Fest was also shown off by Nintendo. It involves all new headgear with a masquerade theme. These include the Golden Gala Masque, Octopearl Crown, Coral Wreath and Dapperdasher Hat. These will be available in the same way the Splatoween outfits were released. Players will need to access the News section of their Switch and launch the game from there, then retrieve their gear from the Lobby terminal.

It’s not just the players getting dressed up for the event. Both Deep Cut and the Squid Sisters will be changing their looks during the weekend. Deep Cut will be following the new gear’s masquerade theme, with all three sporting masks, gowns and top hats. In the Inkopolis DLC expansion, Callie and Marie will be wearing more subdued snow themed outfits.

The previous Splatfest in Splatoon 3 was based around greetings. The winner was Shiver’s team, Handshake.

Here’s a gallery showing all the Frosty Fest 2023 screenshots:

Splatoon 3 is out now for Nintendo Switch.

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