Full Metal Furies Makes All Four Of Its Brawlers Important In A Fight

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Full Metal Furies will bring up to four players together, on- or offline, to deal with the Titans and their armies. Each of the four players will play a key role in any fight in this beat ‘em up, though, so it will be important to work together and keep each other alive.


Players are given a choice of four characters, offering Alex the close-range fighter, Triss the tank, Meg the sniper, and Erin the turret-dropping engineer. These four characters, on top of their combat capabilities, are also color-coded, and these colors tie into enemy barrier weaknesses. Players will need to ensure that the character of the correct color attacks the enemy to break the barrier and keep the fight moving, so it is important that all players stay alive.

Keeping characters breathing is made a little easier due to several aspects. Characters who are downed can be revived by another living character, or they can wait for their revive meter to fill on its own (which is slower, and only works if everyone else is still alive). Players can also purchase equipment that alters their skill capabilities, giving them freezing shots and other similar abilities. Not only this, but extended use of equipment will eventually unlock Mastery, which gives the bonus to all characters on the player’s profile.


Players who don’t have or want co-op partners can still tackle the game alone, though. The game will give players two characters they can swap between at any point, letting them bolster their own play style while also forcing them to deal with enemy barriers anyway.

Full Metal Furies is available now on Steam and the Microsoft Store.

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