Fully Customize Your Shmup Action With Xydonia’s Weapon, Pilot, And Passive Options



Horizontal scrolling shmup Xydonia offers many customization options for players to choose from, letting them shape how they fight back against the ships that get in their way.




Inspired by R-Type, Gradius, Darius, and other Japanese arcade shoot ‘em ups, Xydonia hurls players into the year 30XX, tasking them with finding an ancient civilization and the incredible secrets they hold.




Players are free to choose whatever tools they need to get to there. They will have a selection of pilots, each with their own play style, as well as their choice of ship, weapons, and passive bonuses. There are several to choose from, which creates dozens of possible combinations to suit various play styles and provide variety for repeat plays.




A handful of characters can be unlocked by finding secrets in the game. These can be hidden down the game’s various paths, which also lead to different endings depending on which player the character is using. They may also be unlocked by meeting certain conditions in the game.




Xydonia is raising votes on Steam Greenlight. It is currently in alpha, and lists no expected release date.

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