Furret Is Getting A Plush Based On Its Size According To The Pokedex


furret 1


It’s a common joke to make fun of the Pokemon series’ Pokedex entries, including the size and weight of a Pokemon, but it’s something else to have that made into a reality. This week, Pokemon Center Online revealed that they are making a plush of Furret that will be true to its size in the Pokedex. [Thanks, DenFamiNicoGamer!]


furret 2


While Furret is a cute-looking Pokemon, it is 1.8 meters in length according to the Pokedex, and has been made to reflect the fact. It seems that there will be no problem with hugging the entire thing with your whole body.


Pre-orders for the plush is set to begin on February 23 at 10am JST to March 24 at 11:59pm JST. The plush is priced at 30,240 yen (around $274 USD) and is set to ship out starting in July. You can find the product page here.

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