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FuRyu Announces 3DS RPG, The Alliance Alive, And It Looks Like A Legend of Legacy Follow-Up



FuRyu announced their newest title, The Alliance Alive, in this week’s issue of Jump magazine, and it looks like it could be a follow-up title to their 2015 3DS RPG, The Legend of Legacy.


The magazine calls the game a “group performance RPG” with an ensemble cast featuring multiple protagonists as part of an orthodox RPG as seen on the scan.


There are nine characters introduced (from upper-left to right)

  • Tiggy, the Prodigy Professor
  • Vivian, the Noble Magic Family’s Daughter
  • Ignis, Vivian’s Butler
  • Garil, the Young Man of the Resistance
  • Ursula, Garil’s Childhood Friend
  • Rachel, the Guild Mercenary
  • Barbarosa, the Demon Soldier
  • Jean, the Knowledgeable Sorcerer
  • Renzo, the Well-Informed Young Man


The game features the nine protagonists with a story that connects with all of them. It takes place in a continent that’s been distorted and ruled by demons. You’ll get  to visit places such as the “Rain World,” where they lost all blue skies and see nothing but rain in the continent. The “Burning World” is a scorching land that is surrounded by volcanic heat. These two are just a few examples of the many places you’ll visit in the game.


The Alliance Alive’s art style and the small screenshots from the magazine certainly has a Legend of Legacy vibe going on, and it makes sense seeing how the game was FuRyu’s best-selling game at launch in recent years with 53,974 copies sold in its first week and a lifetime sale of about 72,000 in Japan. While it may not sound like a lot, it was a big deal and definitely a step in the right direction for FuRyu, whose games usually sell around 10,000~30,000.


The Alliance Alive releases in Japan in Spring 2017 and will go for 6,280 yen plus tax. We can expect to learn more about the game soon, perhaps from the new teaser site that FuRyu just launched.

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