FuRyu Teaser Features Key Devs Of Mother 3, SMT, The Caligula Effect, And More


FuRyu just launched a teaser website for a new game, and it features some prominent developers who worked on titles such as Mother 3, Shin Megami Tensei, and The Caligula Effect.


Here are the featured developers:


Nobuhiro Imagawa – worked on Mother 3, Fantasy Life, Knights & Dragons, Dokodemo Dragon.


Nobuyuki Inoue – Former chief director of Brownie Brown, director of Mother 3, Magical Vacation, Magical Starsign, and more.


Tsukasa Masuko – Programmer and composer who worked on titles such as Star Force, Shin Megami Tensei series, Bomb Jack, Magical Vacation, The Caligula Effect, and more.


Takuya Yamanaka (FuRyu)The Caligula Effect series director and producer.


Here’s the messenger chat from the teaser site featuring the four:


Takuya Yamanaka: It is almost time to announce “that” but how is progress looking for you guys?

Nobuhiro Imagawa: I’ll submit it by early next week.

Tsukasa Masuko: I’ll also manage to make it by early next week.

Takuya Yamanaka: Thank you! By the way, how’s the scenario going, Inoue-san?

Takuya Yamanaka: … Inoue-san?

Takuya Yamanaka: Inoue-san!!!???

Nobuyuki Inoue: So, early next week… Roger that.

Takuya Yamanaka: Please!!! All right then, I’ll see you guys on Monday!!


With Monday being June 4 , we can expect to see some kind of announcement from FuRyu for this teaser.

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