Future Card Buddyfight’s Free App Will Let Fans Compete And Score Real-Life Cards



    Bushiroad announced that its trading card game Future Card Buddyfight is getting a brand-new smartphone app that will let you learn the basics and play against friends this June in Japan, for free.



    Bushiroad emphasizes that the app will be completely free and there won’t be any microtransaction features whatsoever. Players can check out the “Teaching Function” mode to learn how to play and also fight CPU opponents in “Single Versus” mode. The “Play with Nearby Friends” mode lets you play against buddies.


    The best part about the app, other than it being completely free, is that it’ll be implementing a system that will allow you to go to a card shop and receive real cards based on the number of players you’ve gone up against in the app.


    There’s currently a pre-registration campaign going on, but since there won’t be any micro-transaction items to give all players it is basically a give-away for the latest booster box of the card game. After 100,000 registrations they might add an extra something. The early registration campaign will be available until May 31, 2018.


    Buddy-Sma!! ~ Smartphone de Start! Buddy Fight! launches in Japan on June 1, 2018 for iOS and Android.

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