The Future And Present Cross Paths In Fire Emblem: Awakening’s Next Drama CD

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Fire Emblem: Awakening was released almost two years ago in Japan, but the story is still going on in the form of drama CDs. In the fourth installment of the series titled The Bond of the Underworld: Quest for the Dreaming Tiara, a group of soldiers from the future arrive in Chrom’s timeline.


This sounds similar to some of the DLC chapters that were made available in Awakening, featuring an alternate, bleaker future.


Here’s a brief synopsis of what will be going on in the upcoming drama:


Will the fate be destruction or a future of hope? A group of soldiers from the future visit the era of Chrom and his companions. Lucina and her party were in the midst of a task when a certain incident occurred, as she was determined to find the missing tiara.


Suddenly, the gates to the underworld had opened… which will carry out the destined meeting between “the two”.


Here are the 10 titles of volume 4 of the Drama CD series:


1) Who… Are You?

2) Do You Promise to Not Give Up?

3) Searching Mission of Tiara

4) Are You Ready, Old Man?

5) That Hair Ornament Isn’t Right

6) We’re the Embarrassing Unarmed Troupe

7) Take the Bag, Even If The Contents Are Unknown

8) An Interesting Phenomenon

9 ) An Even Greater Treasure

10) I Hope to Meet Again


You can also read about the previous volume in our earlier report, here.


Fire Emblem: Awakening’s fourth drama CD will be released on April 23, 2014 for 3,000yen.

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