Future Proof Is About Escaping A Lethal Time Loop Any Way You Can


In twelve minutes, Sean’s town of Greensvale is going to be hit with a lethal meteorite that will kill everyone. Every time this happens, though, Sean goes back in time, which gives him a chance to see what he can do to figure out how to stop it in Future Proof.


Sean is given free reign of the town in Future Proof, and must explore, examine things, and talk to people to see what he can figure out about the impending doom if he means to prevent it. Players will find many different threads of clues that lead them all over the city, offering them hidden stories about townsfolk, challenging logic puzzles, and perhaps some answers about the meteorite. Should they not put those clues to work in time, though, the game does save clues through the Thought System, allowing players to pick things up again in the next life.

Players will want to look sharp as they comb through the city, as Future Proof features several different hats players can equip once they borrow/steal them. These hats provide different protections against dangers and hazards, as do other items they can acquire, encouraging players to see what they can find lying around as they search for clues.


Future Proof offers fourteen varied endings, as Sean can choose to save the town, a few people, or only himself, as well as carry out some other ends for the narrative. It’s all up to the player on what they wish to do and how they interact with the world.

Future Proof is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!