G4 Teases a Possible Return With a New Trailer

G4 TV Network Official Teaser Trailer 2021 Returns

G4, the video game-focused TV network from the early 2000s, just teased a possible return of some sort with a new trailer.

The teaser trailer was shown during the [email protected] via IGN Live. Check it out below:

G4 originally launched in April 2002 as a paid television network in the United States, based in Los Angeles. It started out as a network similar to TechTV at the time, except with a focus on all-things-gaming.

G4 had several shows that fans still remember today, including the multiplayer game competition “Arena” which was kind of like the earlier days of eSports before it became a thing. It also featured shows like “Filter” which was a top-ten countdown of various games as voted by fans. Keep in mind that this was before YouTube, so it was a pretty big deal at the time. After going through several rebrands and acquisitions, the G4 network eventually ended all on-air operations on December 31, 2014.

As for this new G4 teaser trailer, there hasn’t been any info as to whether it’ll return as a TV network, an online channel, or something completely different. Furthermore, the G4 reactivated its official Twitter account that has the tagline “We never stopped playing” as seen in the teaser trailer. Ex-host Adam Sessler called the teaser a “curious turn of events.”

Former X-Play host Morgan Webb also added:

In any case, we hope to see what G4 is teasing for 2021 sometime soon.

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