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Gaist Crusher Might Be A Flop, But Capcom Are Still Releasing Content For It


Gaist Crusher was a flop at retail, but Capcom are continuing to support the game, reports Gamer. To that end, they’re releasing some new downloadable content to coincide with the release of its first batch of post-release Gaimetal toys come 28th December. Each toy will come with its own Gaist, and you can view them below.


The side story will focus on Yamato, an all-powerful, almight Gaist beast that will have its own special story for fans that you’ll also presumably be able to wear the skin of after beating it down.



While details are scant beyond a few screenshots as well as a shot of the metal monster in all its avianic-seeming glory, this does coincide with some new Gaimetal toys fans can pick up. Just in case you’ve forgotten, these toys are separate items to purchase that come with more powerful Gaimetal Gears for the in-game characters to wear.


In this case, there are three new Gaimetal Gears players can buy and add to their collection:


Corpse Bageon, which did not surprise anyone by looking as undead as a pile of metal can possibly be by becoming… pink.


Above is the Blast Shisarion.



And finally, Kirisaku Ashiberuno, a pretty wicked looking gear that we initially mistook for a chainsword. Because… that would totally be really cool.


Gaist Crusher is out now for Nintendo 3DS in Japan, and the Gaimetals and side story are expected to go on sale on the 28th of December.