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Gaist Crusher Offers A Wide Range Of Weapons To Hunt Giant Monsters


In Capcom’s next major franchise, Gaist Crusher, you’ll be using a transformation device to switch your Gaist Gear between a balanced Mail Form and the offensive Weapon Form, which might be the better choice while going up against giant monsters. In this report, we’ll take a closer look at the Weapon Form and some new characters.


The Weapon Form is an offensive style that uses the Gaist’s power as a weapon. The type of weapon depends entirely on the equipped Gaist Gear, and you’ll be seeing various kinds, such as a heavy-hitting great sword, or the combo-heavy dual swords. There will also be gun and bow-style weapons, so it’ll be important to switch them out according to your opponents.


Wind Garuda’s Weapon Form provides you with a dual sickle weapon that allows you to rapidly slice through enemies.


Gaia Orochi’s Weapon Form transforms your arms into large claws for heavy combos.


There are many other types of weapons which can be acquired by collecting different Gaist Gear. The above images show a giant spear, rocket launcher, hammer, and a large bow.


The Gaist themselves are metallic organisms that have appeared and begun to assault mankind. You’ll be playing as a group of Gaist Crushers to take them out.


The above is a look at a new fire-type Gaist, known as Arc Phoenix. In our earlier report, we got a look at two mythological creature-based Gaists in the Tekkou Ryujin and Onmyo Yatagarasu. The Arc Phoenix fits in the same category, and according to legends, it only appears when the world is about to end.


The above is a look at the secret hideout, called the GCG (Gaist Crusher Garriso n) Base. It is where the main character Recca, and the other members of Gaist Crusher are located. The GCG is a supranational Gaist-countermeasure organization that boasts some of the world’s best technology, used to help our heroes fight against the menacing Gaist.




Volcan is the director of GCG, and is an excellent leader with vast amounts of knowledge and experience to back up his position. He’s a friendly person who’s known for cracking jokes with those around him, but when things get serious he demonstrates his leadership skills to lead the rest of the members of the team.


Sakura Sango:


She is the operator of GCG. She keeps track of any Gaist outbreaks, and provides informational support for combat to the game’s protagonist, Recca, and the others from the base. Contrary to her young and playful appearance, she’s actually a very serious lady; although she does occasionally slip up every now and again.


Zeke Bana:


Zeke is the captain who gathers the battle squad, who goes by the name “Captain Bana”. He wears an artificial Gaist Gear along with his trained body and his indomitable spirit to help fight against Gaist.


Gaist Crusher is slated for release this winter for the Nintendo 3DS.

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