Gaist Crusher’s Giant Boss Fights Are Much Faster Paced Than Monster Hunter



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Despite the trailer being pretty much the same length as the last one, I kind of felt like the battle moved so much faster in this latest Gaist Crusher promotional video.


Showing off a fight between Shiren and Lunatic Sandman, it felt like a much faster-paced brawler with Shiren’s lighting-fast bow attacks and quick punch-kick combos. It also shows off the special move Crystal Symphony when Shiren dons the Cool Absolute Zero Young Noble Gaist Gear. Spinning around supremely fast, he sends crystals of pure ice straight into foes that deal damage multiple times, knocking the crazy yellow Gaimetal into the ground for a Crush Chance.


The EX Burst Shiren pulls off is from Blizzard Unicorn, which is what you get when wearing Cool Absolute.


Gaist Crusher will be out for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan December 5th.

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