Gaist Crusher’s Trick Lantern Enemy Gets In The Spirit Of Halloween

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Capcom’s Gaist Crusher gets a new promotional video showing off one of the Gaimetal monsters players can face off against – the Trick Lantern. While it’s a little late for Halloween, the nefarious pumpkin lord squares off against Shindou in a battle to the finish.


As you can see, there appears to be two different bars players will have to deplete while beating down the beasts, though what they mean isn’t exactly clear. From the looks of things, the second, smaller bar could be a stun gauge, as Shindou unleashes his True Copper Kurama special move and instantly knocks Trick Lantern into a dizzy state.


The trailer also shows off the EX burst of Shindou’s Gaia Orochi – and it looks like it’ll be able to move around on the battlefield as well as spewing out attacks from its multiple heads.


Gaist Crusher will be out for Nintendo 3DS in Japan December 5th.

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