Gakuen Handsome Fighters Lets You Fight as Hot Dudes

gakuen handsome fighters

If you have ever wished to viciously stab your classmate with your chin because they do not agree with your food choices, you’re in luck—Team Yokkyufuman has released Gakuen Handsome Fighters. It is available on both Steam and Booth for the Windows PC. If you purchase it on Steam before April 12, 2023, then you will get to buy it at a 20% discount. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

Gakuen Handsome Fighters is a 2D action game that seems to draw inspiration from retro games such as Street Fighter II. It uses pixel art for its sprites, as well as for its cutscenes. The story centers on the boys trying to get back Shiga’s white cat after someone steals it away. You can choose to play as any of the bachelors, all with their own unique moves. Mitsurugi can kick a soccer ball at his enemies, which is a reference to how he’s supposed to be a star soccer player. Screenshots do not show if he has his signature weapon (his chin).

On Twitter, Team Yokkyufuman stated that it wants to release a smartphone version of the game as well. However, it has no idea how to make it. So it tells fans to not get their hopes up. For those who wish to use their phones to kick butts as some of Japanese media’s hottest men, you may need to wait for quite some time.

Gakuen Handsome originated as a PC doujin game that spoofs the BL dating sim genre. It had a widely inconsistent art style, wildly ridiculous story, and a large number of references. Nonetheless, it was popular enough for an animated adaptation.

Gakuen Handsome Fighters is available on Windows PC via Steam and Booth.

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