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Galactic Visitors Will Break Up The Solitude Of Farming Your Own Planet In Deiland


Deiland gives players a little planet all for their own, letting them farm it however they like or build whatever structures they wish. Based on how they use their tiny planet, they’ll change the ecosystem, gaining different materials, and may also alter what animals appear or what galactic visitors show up to meet them.


Deiland allows the player to put their planet to use in several different ways, planting crops to create a more natural environment, or by building structures to make the place more of their own personal city. Depending on what the player builds or plants, they’ll gain access to different materials, which can be used to craft an array of items and tools. These tools can make further work much easier, and are well worth the effort to create them. However, players will need to watch their hunger and fatigue levels as they work, or they may find themselves in bad shape.

As the days and nights pass by, players may find themselves drawn into the stories of several different people from the stars. An evil force is sweeping through the universe looking for these tiny worlds so they can absorb the power within them, and the player may eventually find themselves the target of this force. Other, less hostile visitors may also show up to spend time with the player, ensuring life isn’t all work on their little home.


Deiland is available on PS4 now through the developer’s site and the PlayStation Store. The PC version is slated to release in June 2018.

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