Game Center CX: Arino In Disctrict 3 Features A Retro-Style Action RPG

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In celebration of the TV show’s 10 year anniversary, Game Center CX: Arino in District 3 for Nintendo 3DS will feature several mini-games with an Arino twist on older NES games. In the latest update on the game, we get a look at a game that appears to be inspired by SNK’s Crystalis, and a couple of Game & Watch-type titles.


Negima Kingdom will be the first of its kind in the Game Center CX game series, where you assume the role of a toy soldier, who must defeat enemies, solve puzzles, and take on dungeons in order to save the princess.


img_nejimaki_ss03 img_nejimaki_ss02

img_nejimaki_ss10 img_nejimaki_ss11

The soldier will have access to special attacks, bombs and other weapons, as he advances through different areas while defeating foes. The special attacks are done by charging your power to unleash a devastating attack.


img_nejimaki_ss04 img_nejimaki_ss05 img_nejimaki_ss06 img_nejimaki_ss07

One of the game’s unique systems allows you to use one of your dead bodies as a shield from incoming enemy fire.Bombs can be used in The Legend of Zelda-like fashion, to find secret rooms wherever there are cracked walls.


img_nejimaki_ss08 img_nejimaki_ss09

There will be various crystals throughout your adventure, used for saving the game.


img_nejimaki_ss12 img_nejimaki_ss13

img_nejimaki_ss14 img_nejimaki_ss15

img_nejimaki_ss16 img_nejimaki_ss17

There will also be some boss fights, such as the one against the tank, shown above. This one seems to have some sort of weak spot found on the yellow part of its back. By continuously hitting it, you can do huge damage, and eventually blow it up.



Next up is an old-school Game & Watch style action game called Sword Man, that involves using your ninja skills to reach the goal and get the treasure.



Once you start the game, enemies will start throwing everything they got to hit you, and getting hit by anything in these kind of games, has never done any good.



There will be a mobster-looking boss waiting for you on top, who’ll bet he last thing getting in your way from achieving glory. Take him out and on to the next stage!



Cheese Tunnel has you playing as a pesky mouse whose goal is to get himself a piece of cheese on the right-side of the screen.




The only problem for you is that there will be cats doing everything they can to get their paws on you. The game starts out nice and slow, but eventually gets more hectic with the added cat paws. Getting caught three times will result in a game over.


Game Center CX: Arino in Disctrict 3 will be coming out in Japan on January 23, for Nintendo 3DS.

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