Game Freak’s Giga Wrecker Gives Reika A New Ally



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Game Freak has released a December update for its Early Access PC game, Giga Wrecker. While previous patches have added new gameplay elements, enemies, and areas, this is being referred to as a Story Update. It’s designed to help bring the Early Access version of the game closer to the official full release, bringing in more story elements and gameplay features.


As an example, Giga Wrecker has introduced an ally for Reika Rekkeiji. Previously, she was largely alone. Aside from Doctor Kouzuki coming to her aid and making her a cyborg, she tended to encounter enemies. With this update,  another young woman named Amane Azuma will be joining Reika. Voice acting has been added for Reika. Amane, and the allies and enemies as well.


A number of other new elements have been added to Giga Wrecker. There are now more puzzles in the game, with some of them being a bit more active than previous ones. You’ll also be able to use enemies to solve puzzles, or perhaps even take them out while solving them due to terrain being able to crush them. Also, a world map has been added to the game, environmental art has been updated, and more skills have been added to the skill tree.


SkillTree_EN_00 ActionGimmick_00 EnemyClush_00 EnemyClush_01 Etc_01 Etc_02 Heroine_00


Giga Wrecker is available for Windows PCs. Its next update will be released in 2017.

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