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The Game Paradise: Cruisin Mix Getting An English Release



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Last week, a port of the character-based shoot’em up, Game Tengoku: Cruisin Mix, was announced for the PlayStation 4 and PC in Japan. Today, an English version of the official website has been released. The Game Paradise: Cruisin Mix‘s English release date is noted as “to be determined,” while the Japanese version does have a more narrow Winter 2017 release window.


In The Game Paradise: Cruisin Mix, “Super Duper Genius Smart Guy” Yamada is trying to take over You&Me Kamiyoga’s arcade cabinets. Yui Ito, one of the arcade’s employees, has combined all the arcade circuit boards so their heroes can fight back against Yamada. This means the playable characters are Exerion’s Janus Starmine, Plus Alpha’s Seria, Formation Z’s Z-Dyne Mk-II, Butasan’s Pigg, Momoko 120%’s Momoko, and Field Combat’s Miki and Misato. They will fight through Arcade World, Crane World, Shoot’em Up World, Karaoke World, Console World, Racing World, Retro World, Polygon World, and Extra: Time Attack stages.


stage07 stage08 stage-ta stage01 stage03 stage04 stage05 stage06


Game Tengoku: The Game Paradise originally appeared on the Sega Saturn in 1997.

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