Nintendo 3DS

Game & Watch Gallery Exhibits Itself On 3DS Virtual Console



This week’s 3DS Virtual Console download is the first Game & Watch Gallery, consisting of four games: Manhole, Fire, Octopus and Oil Panic. Game & Watch Gallery was a series of Game & Watch compilations remade for the Game Boy.


You could choose to play as either Mr. Game & Watch or as Nintendo’s more popular mascots. This costs $2.99 on the eShop. Joining it is Baseball, another Game Boy title, also for $2.99.


DSiWare gets what sounds like an interesting game, too. The one that caught my eye was AfterZoom, which turns your DSi/3DS camera into a microscope. You can use it to discover lifeforms around you, collect them and raise them to battle against more powerful colonies so you can take over them.




Game & Watch Gallery:






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