A Game About Wrecking Your House To Hunt Down A Fly



Imagine it: you come back home after a few years travelling, looking to kick back, relax, and settle back into those familiar walls. “Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzt.” What’s that? Oh, it’s a fly in your house, ruining your moment of peace and quiet.


This is the point that Fly In The House wants you to, frankly, go nuts. You should do everything in all your destructive power to obliterate that pesky fly. It turns out that mostly involves flinging furniture around to smash, well, everything.


You play in first-person and hunt the fly around your house, throwing cabinets at the toilet, cupboards at glass shelving, armchairs at windows. You can explore the house to find new objects and interior design, all of it waiting to be torn apart.



There are different game modes to try out too, as well as ranks to collect as you earn points for your destructive efforts, and various hidden objects to find.


The creator of Fly In The House calls it a parody, and reckons that over time you’ll unlock the mysteries of the main character – presumably why they get angered so easily.


Fly In The House is on Steam Greenlight Concepts. Also check out its website for more information.

Chris Priestman