GameMaker Studio, Used For Games Like Hotline Miami And Hyperlight Drifter, Is Free

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GameMaker Studio: Standard Edition is free for a short period until March 2nd. What’s that? You’ve never heard of it? Maybe not, but you might have heard of games made using the engine—Hyperlight Drifter, Valdis Story, Gunpoint, Hero Seige, Hotline Miami…  the list keeps growing.


Yep, all of them made with a little-known piece of software. There’s a free version, but the Standard set comes with additional items and less of a hassle if you’ve ever wanted to try a hand at getting into gaming without knowing much programming.


How do you do it? Simply head over to this page and download the client. Once installed, you’ll be able to select the Studio Standard edition, fill in your email and wait for a license key to appear in the inbox of your choice.


If you like what you see (or happen to already have Studio Standard) you can upgrade to Pro for just $35 during the special promotion, off $15 from the usual upgrade price. Note that this offer does not work with the Steam version.

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